Open a PADLOCK and this will reveal you a Hidden SECRET about Your inner self.

Your subconscious is immensely powerful and you can learn a vast number of things about yourself by doing this kind of Tests, and although you may not know it, your brain makes thousand choices per day which you don’t realize but are still there.

This one in particular is very simple, you only have to pick your favorite padlock, but it’s important not to be guided exclusively by the color, since it’s your subconscious which must pick, for that reason, you’ll have to pick immediately the padlock that has caught your attention most.

It’s important not to change the padlock since that would mean you’re cheating, with nothing else to say, read your results here:

1-RED PADLOCK: you’re a person with a strong personality, you have never been scared of the difficulties that life has put in your way, challenges help you to surpass yourself* and encourage you to keep fighting for the happiness you deserve. Sometimes it’s advisable listening to other people to see things from a different point of view.

2-ORANGE PADLOCK: everybody loves you due to your optimism, you’re cheerful and funny, you help anyone that may need your help. You’re a little mistrustful sometimes and talking to new people can be hard sometimes, but when you have enough confidence you’re a very creative and joker person.

3-GREEN PADLOCK: you’re a really impulsive and inspiring person. You are youthful and love living adventures and discovering new places. Sometimes, you’re a little bit too much emotional and your impulsivity may scare others. Don’t lose your patience and everything will be alright.

4- BLUE PADLOCK: You are very organized, responsible and punctual, you are a person to rely on. You can achieve everything you propose in your life. You’re too much active and there are not too many people able to keep pace with you, you should take some rest and sleep a little bit more.

5-PURPLE PADLOCK: You have a boundless imagination, you are both creative and funny. Your great intuition allows you to see other people’s inner self and you know who to trust. You’re a spiritual person, you know how to see the beauty of everything and get the most out of nature.