THIS WILL SHOCK YOU | let your intuition Pick one CANDLE, are you ready? Now take a look at your result:

In these kind of Personality Tests you have to pick the color you like most taking into account the moment you are going through at this point of your life, many times intuition is able to perceive things that our brains can’t; for this reason, this kind of tests are usually very reliable and can help us to understand better our minds.

Look carefully the candles of the picture, let your instinct guides you and pick one color, then read the result we have for you:

*(It’s important not to change the color, the option you picked for the first time is your right choice)*

RED CANDLE: Red is a color is always associated to passion. It’s possible that you’re going through a moment of changes in your life, be patient and trust yourself. The red candles will help you to find the inspiration you need. -If you liked your result, then share!-

YELLOW CANDLE: Yellow can be associated to communication and a positive way of thinking. You’re a communicative person and you love being surrounded by people that give you a positive and constructive point of view. If you’re learning something new, set fire to a yellow candle, the results will shock you. -If you liked your result, then share!-

GREEN CANDLE: Green belongs to the heart’s chakra and is always linked to the love for Mother Nature. You love nature and feel comfortable when are surrounded by plants and animals. Set fire to a green candle helps to connect with the outside world, when you feel drifted apart from the world, these green candles are what you need. -If you liked your result, then share!-

BLUE CANDLE: Blue is related to mental skills. You are at a point of your life in which your self-esteem is very high and you’re always in a good mood. The blue candles are useful to create a physical and mental healing atmosphere. -If you liked your result, then share!-

WHITE CANDLE: White is a purity symbol, if you picked this candle then it may be because you’re going through a moment in which you haven’t established a goal yet, you should think about your situation. If you set fire to a white candle you’ll be increasing both your positivism and productivity. -If you liked your result, then share!-

PURPLE CANDLE: Purple is a color that rises your positive levels to the maximum. Perhaps you are going through a point in your life of too many doubts or maybe the outside world makes you feel uncomfortable in excess. These purple candles will help you to reduce your stress levels and to grow your self esteem. -If you liked your result, then share!-

DARK CANDLE: Surely you’re are going through a very hard moment in your life, dark color doesn’t mean negative things or evilness, instead, these candles can be useful to bring the strengths of your loved beings directly to you, never bad things. -If you liked your result, then share!-