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Signs, Astral Map, transits, horoscope… Anyone who starts studying astrology is faced with an infinite number of terms and tools that help us on this evolutionary path. It turns out that this is a very large study and we need to understand all of its nuances in order to use it in the best possible […]
Even having gone through thousands of years of history, Astrology continues to be a highly controversial subject with very subjective definitions and uses. The fact is that Astrology can be useful in many ways: 1 – May reveal harmful behavior patterns or warn of upcoming challenges; 2 – It can help to discover latent talents […]
Twelve (XII). What is special about this number that is found in the most diverse activities of human history? As you’ll see below, it doesn’t appear to be just a coincidence. Twelve is the multiplication of creation, of divine perfection. The number 12 appears since the dawn of civilization. It is recurring and diverse. The […]
Governorship, Exile, Exaltation and Fall. In nature, when things find their right place and fit together, everything works in perfect harmony. The same thing happens in the astrological world: the planets harmonize when they are in their similar places, which are the signs that govern them. The further away from your ruling sign, the more […]
The roots of the days of the week… Astrology is the basis for much of the information that we experience in our daily lives without realizing it. Did you know that Are the names of the 7 days of the week a tribute to the stars? Nowadays this information is relegated to oblivion, but what […]
Stillness should not cause discomfort. When was the last time you set aside time to reunite with yourself? Whether it is in a moment of silence, sitting with a cup of tea, reading something that is not related to work or the news – which these days only bring bad news; on a walk in […]
In astronomy, there is something called retrogradation, which is the perception that a star’s orbital path is altered in some way. But in fact, no planet changes its cycle of motion in its orbits around the Sun. What exists are certain periods of time when planets and celestial bodies appear to move differently across the […]
Know how to correctly interpret role of the midheaven in an astral chart (natal chart) is of paramount importance. From time to time we ask ourselves what we should do and where we should go, if we are moving forward or backward, if we are on the right path. Astrology is a great tool to […]
About orbits and their durations… Astrology is the study of the movements of the planets around the zodiacal belt. and the astrologer’s focus is on observing the resonance between the path of the planet and the particular quality of manifested energy available at a given time and place. When we look at a natal chart, […]
The seven Hermetic Laws, a set of principles that bring together the basic teachings of all manifested things, are attributed to Hermes Trismegistus and were compiled in the book Kybalion (a word that has the same root as Kabbalah), which basically means Counterin Hebrew, or “precepts manifested by superior beings”. These laws have a cyclical […]